Tuesday Travels. . . Josselin

I have decided to try making Tuesdays the day where I blog about my travels. I didn’t blog while we were overseas for three months and I have only done one or two posts on the travels we had. I will endeavour to post each Tuesday about our travels with today beginning with Josselin in Brittany.

josselin chateau

This was our stopping point on arrival at Josselin. As you can see it is a beautiful town set on the Oust River and Nantes-Brest Canal.

The main highlights are the narrow streets lined with half-timbered medieval houses.

josselin streets

On the same square as the cathedral, one of the finest medieval buildings in Josselin is the substantial red and white half-timbered house at the top of the Place Notre-Dame,

maison datee 1538while others can also be seen in the other historic streets around the centre.

maison-datee 1538

We always manage to find scaffolding when visiting a town. I guess because renovation work is constant in old countries as opposed to Australia which is very new.


After touring the town we returned to the canal where we came across a lavoir. A lavoir is a public place set aside for the washing of clothes. This lady has the washing on her head and is on her way to the lavoir.

lady at the lavoirI didn’t take a photo of the actual lavoir so this next one is from Bretagneweb.com

josselin lavoir

We then crossed the bridge for a stroll around the ‘Sainte-Croix’ region of Josselin. There was this plaque telling us about the maison des arcades,

La maison des arcadesbut unfortunately there was not much left of the actual building.

maison des arcadesJosselin is certainly worth a visit if you are in Brittany.

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  1. I think Travel Tuesday is a great idea and Josselin looks absolutely enchanting. I can feel the warmth in that first picture and I have a strong urge to walk alongside the canal.

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks for your comment Lorna.

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