The starting point is airport security

You may have been through airport security many times yourself, I know the few times I have been through I have been stopped twice and taken to a separate room to have a more thorough body search. The reason I have been picked out is because I set off the alarm as I walk through the metal detection gate. The reason for setting off the alarm appears to be the metal screws I have in my spine! I don’t know why it only sets it off sometimes but that appears to be the reason for my close scrutiny by airport security.
I mention this as it is the starting point for this 26th novel from Val McDermid, Vanishing Point. The protagonist sets off the alarm because she has a metal plate in her leg.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
From the cover:

It is every parent’s worst nightmare. Stephanie Harker is travelling through the security gates at O’Hare airport when she is taken into a perspex box having set off the metal detectors. Made to wait outside, five-year-old Jimmy is led away, by hand, by a uniformed officer. Stephanie’s panic and shouts lead security to believe she is a threat, and she is tasered brutally to the ground amidst her screams of protest while Jimmy disappears into the distance unnoticed by anyone but her.

However, when Stephanie has a chance to tell her story to the FBI, it becomes clear that everything is not as it seems. Unanswered questions surround Jimmy’s background and why someone would want to abduct him. But it is Stephanie’s close friendship with reality TV star Scarlett Higgins that appears to lie at the bottom of a tale of death, deception and the extraordinary lengths to which a parent will go to protect their child.

Val McDermid is a Scottish author and I have read many of her books, Darker Domain was the previous one I read. Unfortunately The Vanishing Point didn’t come up to my expectations. If you haven’t read any McDermid books I suggest that you don’t start with this one, instead read the Tony Hill series on which the television series Wire in the Blood is based.
Wire in the Blood

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