Organising your working week. . . . according to Golden Books

Since I have retired I have tried to find some sort of routine to the working week but have found it difficult. I seem to flit from one project to another and I think I need to set myself some sort of timetable to help me complete some of the projects I have on the go.

Today for example I had decided I wasn’t going to do any work (I wrote this post on Sunday) as my declutter calendar task was to practise having a Sabbath with no work. I didn’t get very far! I went for my morning walk and after having breakfast the first thing I did was to bring in some washing off the line. I then went to the studio and decided I needed to paint the chook I have been making. I only got the stand painted as I have to wait for it to dry to give it a second coat. While I was waiting for that to happen I thought I ought to start work on some framing I was going to do for my daughter. This item to be framed has been with me for almost a year and I have put off framing it with the excuse that I was doing other things. My dear daughter has reassured me that there was no hurry. Well, I certainly haven’t hurried.


I started work on the framing and succeeded in finishing cutting out the matboard. I then went on the internet to order moulding for the frame. The place I normally get my moulding didn’t have any of the type I wanted so now I will need to work out what I am going to do, probably wait till my next trip to Canberra and buy some moulding there. Our closest town doesn’t have a shop that sells picture framing supplies.

While I was on the computer I decided I should prepare a blog post for Monday, that was my next task, but I enjoy doing that. I will go and sit down after this. It will probably be about two o’clock by then. I might have a non-working afternoon!

Because I am no longer a working woman my week should go something like the one portrayed in this Golden Book of old!

Don’t get me started on perceived gender roles.

7 thoughts on “Organising your working week. . . . according to Golden Books

  1. I like the last graphic. I remember my mother saying to wash on Monday and iron on Tuesday etc. We didn’t live that way but for some reason I remember her saying those words ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So much for your day off! I hope you got some rest in the afternoon. Working from home, I can identify with your problem and sometimes I stop and wonder when I last had a day off. However, because I can mix work with blogging, baking, going for a walk, etc. it doesn’t feel as if I’m working that hard and the thought of being back in a 9-5 job now fills me with horror!That last image shows just how much our society has changed in recent times. I think those pictures would be very familiar to my grandparents, or even my parents remembering their own upbringing. I must say, the order of it quite appeals to me, but I doubt I’d be disciplined enough to carry it out. How are you getting on with your declutter calendar, do you think it’s helping at all?

    • I am loving my declutter calendar. I have put my fridge to rights and decluttered my Christmas decorations as well as finding a suitable spot to store my current handbag. I can see that this calendar will help me through the year and at the end of the year I should be thoroughly decluttered! This week I start on decluttering my wardrobe. I think that will prove to be quite a task as I have hung onto many of my work clothes, suits included, and I know I will never wear them again. Now I will take myself in hand and pass them on to a charity shop.

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