Tuesday travels – Dinan Part 1

One of the prettiest towns we visited in Brittany was Dinan, in fact we visited it twice.  My husband and I visited it on our own the first time and the second time was with our son and second daughter. They were only with us for a few days in Brittany and this is one of the places we took them to.

The town is full of cobbled streets and half timbered houses and the old part of the town still has the ramparts upon which you can walk and get some stunning views.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I love the use of window boxes in France, you don’t see them very often in Australia.

cobbled streets

The photo above is the Rue Jerzual which leads down to the port.  This street has many arts and crafts shops as well as cafés.

shop frontI bought a lovely pair of earrings here. It was at the bottom of this street where I bought Far aux pruneaux mentioned in a previous post.

port 2When we reached the port we spied some schoolchildren who were obviously on some sort of school camp.  There was one teacher to about 18 children and he was teaching them the finer points of kayaking. It was a delight to watch.  You can see from the photo that the weather was nothing to write home about, in fact it rained for the most part of the day, that was on our first visit.  The weather was kinder on our second visit.

rampartsThe ramparts in the older part of the town give you an excellent vantage point to view the surrounding countryside.

rampart view

We walked across to the middle of the viaduct to take the next photo of the port.port 1While we were in Dinan with our son and daughter we had a delicious lunch and took the opportunity to take a photo of how the cider is served in Brittany.

cider servingHere I might add that the cider in Brittany is delightful.  I tried many varieties while we were there and enjoyed most of them, one or two were a bit too sweet for me.

old wooden carvingAn example of the fine carving on some of the wooden buildings.

On our second visit we went to the musuem and some other parts of town but I will save that for another post.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    The streets and buildings look just as I imagine them to be in France. Is the cider with alcohol? Here it has no alcohol but I know in some places cider means with alcohol.

    1. suth2 says:

      Yes,very definitely alcoholic.

  2. What a beautiful looking place, Brittany seems to be full of such gems.

  3. tartanpants says:

    Gorgeous pictures, wonderful memories for you x

    1. suth2 says:

      I would love to go back to France again. Maybe next year.

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