Not Dead Yet…makes me think of Monty Python

not dead yet

This is another Inspector Grace novel and although there were some parts of the novel that gave me a bit of a surprise I can say that I enjoyed this as a light read.

From the book cover:

A detective Roy Grace Novel.
For LA producer Larry Brooker, this is the movie that could bring the fortune that has so long eluded him …For rock superstar, Gaia, desperate to be taken seriously as an actor, this is the role that could get her an Oscar nomination…For the City of Brighton and Hove, the publicity value of a major Hollywood movie being filmed on location, about the city’s greatest love story between King George IVth and Maria Fitzherbert, is incalculable. For Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of Sussex CID, it is a nightmare unfolding in front of his eyes.An obsessed stalker is after Gaia.  One attempt on her life is made days before she leaves her Bel Air home to fly to Brighton.  Now, he has been warned, the stalker may be at large in his city, waiting, watching, planning.

Usually in a crime novel I am a bit slow to pick up clues etc but one of the things that surprised me in this novel was that I found an error!  There was an estimate made of the victim’s height from his femur and tibia…all well and good except that the victim is a legless, armless,headless torso.  My surprise was such that I re read the section several times and went back to the previous chapter to see if I had missed something but I hadn’t.   This is the first time I have found an error in a crime detection novel.  No doubt someone has made Mr James aware of his slip up.

Apart from that and the fact that a burglary was being planned but didn’t seem to have any bearing on the story, it was a good read.  I loved the detail in the description of the Brighton Pavilion and the history associated with it as I had been there fairly recently so it meant a bit more to me.

Worth reading.

One thought on “Not Dead Yet…makes me think of Monty Python

  1. Oops, that’s a bit of a bloomer! So easy to do though, when you’re writing something that long over months or even years. His editor should have spotted it though. It sounds like a good read, I’ll look out for it, thank you.

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