If mothers had hindsight would they do things differently?

Watching the cricket on the television last night got me thinking about my topic for today’s blog.  As a mother we make decisions and react to situations and sometimes it may not be the way you would have reacted or decided in hindsight.  I have made decisions and reacted to situations that with hindsight I wish I had done differently but you can’t change what has gone before.

Have you made decisions or reacted to a situation and wished later that you had done it differently?

In recent years tattoos seem to have become very popular.  I’m not sure why but they are certainly far more visible than they used to be. At one time it was generally only sailors or manual labourers who were the exponents of tattoo art or those from a society where tattoo art was part of the culture.  I’m thinking of Maoris for example.

I still can’t get used to the idea of seeing one of the Australian cricket team with a full arm tattoo.  To me a small discreet tattoo is fine but to completely cover your arm seems to be taking it a bit far.  I realise that it is personal preference and it is just a decision to adorn one’s body in another way.  Some might question why I have my ears pierced.  Again it is personal preference.

Having said that, I came across this tattoo on a website and thought that it was very clever.  Where’s Wally. . . Where's Wally

You can show the tattoo when you wear your hair up but it can be covered up when your hair is down. Suits all situations.

My daughter has a tattoo but it is in pink ink so you can hardly see it.  I can cope with that but I wish I had reacted differently when I first saw it.  I thought it still had to be coloured in.  I’m really glad it is just pink.  Love you Fi.

9 thoughts on “If mothers had hindsight would they do things differently?

  1. I’m not a fan of tattoos either, though I think some tattoo art is amazing. I’m often curious when I see some tattoos and want to give them a good scrutinize to see what the message is, but don’t want to get caught out staring.
    I came across an article recently about a group of people who only favour literary quotes and extracts from books. We are a strange race, and ultimately looking for approval, and a sense of belonging to a group.
    As for our offspring they grow up and adopt their own values which we as parents have trouble dealing with. I have to try not to be so judgmental, I have much to learn and every day is a lesson.

    • It was when I came across a blog post that referred to only literary tattoos that I found the wally tattoo. Some of the tattoos were stunning in their beauty I just can’t get my head around inking it into your body.
      You’re right about our offspring. I am so lucky that my kids love me despite my faults.

  2. Just wanted to say that I love you lots and I know you might not have always been a fan of the various hair colours, piercings and tattoos that I have had over the years (well one tattoo), but it has never changed how much you love me.

    You have never judged me for wanting to be a bit different and have always supported my choices, even though you may not agree with them.

    My decision to get my tattoo came from the desire to permanently reflect the love that I have for you and Dad. I like explaining to people who ask what it means, that part of it is you, part of it is Dad and I’m in the middle. It reminds me that I will always belong, no matter who I may become in my life.

    I love you. xxx

  3. I like the Where’s Wally tattoo, very clever. I’ve often wished I’d reacted differently to situations but hopefully we learn from our mistakes (even very slowly sometimes). Having read what your daughter’s written I don’t think you need to feel bad about your reaction to her tattoo, and her reason for getting it must give you a lovely warm glow. That’s about the best any parent could hope for, I would think.

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