Go, go gadget go!

I’m not too sure if this particular item qualifies as a gadget but it is one that I cannot do without when I am painting.

I have been painting the exterior of the house recently and at the moment I am working on a section at the front of the house.  This particular part of the house is higher than step ladder height so I have borrowed scaffolding from our next door neighbour in order to complete the work.  I am painting the fascia and the guttering before I then paint the ceiling of the portico.


The gadget I am referring to is this one.


The item is the green triangular shaped tool.  I have no idea if it has a name but when you are painting it is impossible to do a good job without it.  This little gadget fits between the guttering and the fascia so when you paint the guttering you don’t get your paint on the fascia.  The tool is also great when you are painting skirting boards up against carpet.  You use the tool to push back the carpet so you can get the paint in behind the carpet.

I love this gadget and it has certainly made painting easier for me.

Do you have a gadget that makes life easier for you?

9 thoughts on “Go, go gadget go!

  1. Yes I used to use it a lot when I did more painting. We are painting the deck railing at the moment not such a big job but one I am still able to do with a bit of help. So satisfying to be able to do such things.

  2. Ah I am in awe of you, no way could I ever attempt painting, I think it would be a catastrophe! Even though my mum has always done all of her own decorating, even hanging wallpaper, I have never caught the diy bug 🙂 Strangely, Other Half built our house from scratch, but he got a professional in to do the painting x

    • You are so lucky to have someone who can build a house from scratch, I would think he would be glad to get a professional in to do the painting. He would deserve to get that job done by someone else.
      Wallpapering is not so popular in Australia as it is in the UK. Early on in our married life I wallpapered a couple of rooms and I thought they looked good but I would never do it again as it took so long to take the paper off when we changed the decor.

  3. I’ve never seen such a gadget, but it looks like a great idea. One of my favourite gadgets is a silicon spatula. I remember when spatulas were made of plastic and used to occasionally melt if you accidentally left them against the side of a hot pan. The silicon has no such problems, it’s marvellous!

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