On Friday, Super Rugby was indeed super.


Last Friday was the start of the Super Rugby season.  It has started a week earlier this year because the British and Irish Lions are coming to Australia on a tour in June.  The Lions only tour Australia every twelve years so it is eagerly anticipated. I have already got my ticket to see the Rebels play the Lions.

The matches played last week were those in what they call the Australian Conference, meaning those teams in Australia, not New Zealand or South Africa.  If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that I support the Melbourne Rebels and used to support the ACT Brumbies.  My change of allegiance was because I moved from Canberra and the Melbourne Rebels was a new team, closer to my new home.

Last week the Rebels were top of the ladder for a night!  They have never been top of the ladder before so it was a time of celebration.  The reason we were top of the ladder is we defeated the Western Force and our game was the first game played for the season. You can read a match report here.



The following night the Queensland Reds played the ACT Brumbies and the Brumbies defeated the Reds 24 – 6. Although both the Brumbies and the Rebels won their match the Brumbies are now top of the table with a better for and against. Top of the table was good while it lasted!

rugby ladder

I love watching rugby and I have decided to go down to Melbourne to watch the Brumbies play the Rebels next week.  I hope it will be a good game.  It was a beautiful night last Friday so hopefully the weather will be similar this week.


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  1. Great news for your team! I’m too much of a woose to watch rugby (I don’t like bleeding noses, broken bones, etc.) but my sister loves it and enjoys attending matches as well as screaming at the TV. The Six Nations championship is on here at the moment, I don’t know if you know about it, but it involves Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy. I like the logo on that Lions website link you included with the lion’s head and mane in the shape of Australia, very clever.

    1. suth2 says:

      I hadn’t really noticed the lion’s mane in the shape of Australia. Thank you for pointing it out. Very clever indeed. There are some really creative people in the advertising world.
      Yes I follow the Six Nations Championship when it is on. I don’t watch live matches as they are on too early in the morning but I watch them when they are replayed later on.
      When we lived in Scotland we used to go to the International matches at Murrayfield. I remember when they first put the electric blanket under the field so the field would be free of snow in the colder weather!

      1. I didn’t know about the blanket, how ingenious!

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