A Pincushion for your wrist.

One of the blogs I follow is called Mrs M makes and she provided the link to this website that has some free patterns for using up scraps of fabric. Have I mentioned I have lots of scraps of fabric? 🙂 One of the free patterns was for a wrist pincushion.

from www.byannie.com

This is a screenshot so the link won’t work from here you will need to go to www.byannie.com to download the pattern.

wrist pincushionsI ended up making three, one for myself and one for each of my daughters. Since making the pincushions I found these


on another blog called Tea Rose Home and I like them better.

roseI will need to make some more.

7 thoughts on “A Pincushion for your wrist.

      • Oh man, that is not a good idea at all! Did you poke yourself? My bedroom was once used as a sewing room (before we moved there) and for over a year walking around on the shag carpet I was never sure when I was going to step on a pin. My parents finally got a new carpet when one went all the way through my foot. 😦

        • I did poke myself on occasions, particularly when I forgot I had put the pins in my top and then bent over or reached for something. I’m so glad I haven’t put a pin through my foot though. Poor you.

          • That sounds horrible, poking yourself with multiple (I am scrunching my face just thinking about it).

            I am glad it happened because it got my rents to wake up, that and I couldn’t take it out of my foot so I sat on the ground yelling for my Mom (must have been a sight).

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