Quartet, four friends looking for a little harmony.

I’ve been to the movies on my own again, this time in Bairnsdale.  I went to see Quartet.

quartetWith a stellar cast and directed by Dustin Hoffman I was hoping for a really enjoyable experience.  I was a little disappointed.  Not as good as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

You can read what Margaret and David thought of it here.

‘Quartet’ apparently is “one of the best movies you’ll ever see about old age and while it does wind up as a celebration of life it doesn’t flinch when dealing with some of the unpleasant realities of growing older.”

I found the depiction of life in the old people’s home unrealistic.  It would be lovely if it really was as upmarket as the film portrayed.

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  1. Oh Heather I really wanted to get up and leave during this film! I can’t tell you how much I didn’t like it! In fact I felt so strongly I even left a comment on Margaret an David’s site, particularly as he gave it 4 stars!! The weird thing was my friend I went with enjoyed it. Much of it just made me cringe.

  2. That’s such a shame, the cast made it look very promising.

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