A finally finished craft project

These fridge magnets have been a long time in the making. I had completed the tops of the bottletops ages ago but couldn’t think of a way to attach the magnet to the bottletop so that the edge of the bottletop didn’t scratch the surface of the fridge. I finally found a way, by putting quilt batting between the bottletop and the magnet!

If you look closely at the magnet you will see that I have used an old map, it once belonged to my mum and dad. The map shows Sydney before the Opera House was built. That is quite some time ago!  Initial construction started in 1957. My craft project didn’t take quite as long to complete. 🙂

7 thoughts on “A finally finished craft project

  1. These are brilliant.
    Gen loves to collect bottle tops (he likes to collect things) . I think he may turn into a hoarder! John also used to play soldiers with his when he was a kid. Good thinking 99.

    • I am such a hoarder too. I am trying hard to declutter following a declutter calendar and I seem to be managing to get rid of some of it. I still have some nappies from when the kids were little! I can’t part with fabric. I keep even tiny scraps thinking I will use them for patchwork but in order to use up my scraps I will have to stop buying fabric when I see something I can’t resist

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