Tuesday travels. . . .Pontorson for a meal.

Pontorson is situated about 10 kilometres from Mont St-Michel and we went there purely to get our evening meal.  We had read about this particular restaurant in the pamphlets in our Gîte

restaurantbut the restaurant was quite busy when we went later in the evening so we decided to go to another restaurant and we were not disappointed.  The restaurant was La Casa de Quentin.

The speciality of Brittany, and it seems Normandy too, is galettes.


Galettes campagne and galettes forestièrecrepes2

On our wander through the town we came across this sign in a butcher’s window.butcher's sign

We were delighted to find the rotisserie in the side street.  Apparently each Sunday you can get your meat cooked here.


The coals were still warm but the cooking was finished.butcher's sign 2

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  1. The galettes look wonderful!

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