Tuesday travels. . . .Avranches

Avranches is where a collection of manuscripts from Mont St Michel was deposited during the French Revolution. A museum houses the collection and we intended to visit the Scriptorial when in Avranches but it was Monday and the Scriptorial is closed on Mondays!


You can see Mont St Michel in the distance in this next photo, taken from the Botanical Gardens.  The botanical gardens were founded in the grounds of the former Franciscan convent in the late 18th century.

mont St Michel in the distance

The gardens were beautiful and we enjoyed a picnic lunch there, we didn’t see this sign until on our way out!

avranches botanical gardens

The major church, Notre Dame des Champs,was visited instead of the Scriptorial and we were not disappointed by it.

Notre dame des champs

pigs might fly

This particular church had an unusual collection of gargoyles including this guy in a top hat.

man in top hat

We also visited a smaller church where we found displayed the skull of Saint Aubert complete with a hole where supposedly the archangel Michael’s finger had pierced it, more likely early trepanning!

While wandering through the town I spied one of the beautiful shop front signs that can be found across France.  This one was obviously for a photographic studio.


Candes St Martin
A goldsmith or silversmith in Candes St Martin,  from a previous visit to France.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA baker, also from a previous visit.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. The shop signs are wonderful and I love the gargoyles.

  2. When I grow up (huge wink), I want to travel like you do: go somewhere, stay there for a while, and speak the language!

    1. suth2 says:

      I can recommend it.

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