A return to reading, the weather has been hot!


Here in Victoria we have had ten consecutive days with the temperature over 30 degrees. It is really too hot to do sewing or knitting or gardening so I have been to the movies and also done a bit of reading for a change.

Autumn LaingThis delightful story was read very quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend it to those of you who like a tale of relationships in an Australian setting. The story is loosely based on the relationship of Sunday Reed and the Australian artist Sidney Nolan ,best known for his series of paintings on Ned Kelly the bushranger.

kelly by nolan

From the blurb:

Autumn Laing seduces pat Donlon with her lust for life and art. In doing so she not only compromises the trusting love she has with her husband, Arthur, she also steals the future from Pat’s young and beautiful wife, Edith, and their unborn child. Fifty-three years later, cantankerous, enagaging, unrestrainable 85-year-old Autumn is shocked to find within herself a powerful need for redemption. As she tells her story, she writes, “They are all dead and I am old and skeleton-gaunt. This is where it began…”

I bought the book after listening to this podcast on the ABC and it sounded a really interesting book. I was not wrong. It is a delightful book written beautifully and well worth the praise it has received from various sources. There is an excellent review at acommentand I recommend you read that too.

An aspect of the book that I appreciated was the realistic portrayal of old age, unlike that in the movie “Quartet”!

Alex Miller has twice won the Miles Franklin Award and I have blogged about another of his books Lovesong previously.

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  1. Same here in Cape Town – we have a disgusting 36 to look forward to as the day moves along. eish!

  2. This sounds as if it was a very interesting book to write as well as to read. it’s very satisfying when novelists make their characters well rounded and believable.

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