Some remedial garden work


After a particularly heavy downpour a few weeks ago we had issues with our paving at the back of the house.  This area has a drain that runs the length of the house and takes away the runoff from the sloped part of the garden.  The rain was so heavy that the drain couldn’t cope and the water found a way to escape other than by the drain!

pavingThis picture shows the parts of the paving that had sunk as a result of the water finding another route.  The little holes in the foreground are where I have poked the soil to see where there are any cavities underneath the pavers.

paving 2This photo is taken from the other direction and you can see how the soil has disappeared from beneath the pavers.

hole beneath stepsThe hole beneath the steps went back for a considerable distance and that was really where the problem had started.  We bought some road base to replace the soil that had been lost and I then levelled the area and replaced the pavers, filling the joins with sand.  It looks as good as new now.

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