Red Bones, a mystery in Shetland

Red Bones by Ann Cleeves is my R book in the A-Z Book Challenge.Red bones

When an elderly woman is shot in a tragic accident, Shetland detective Jimmy Perez is called to investigate.

The sparse landscape and the emptiness of the sea have bred a fierce and secretive people. As Jimmy looks to the silent islanders for answers, he finds instead two feuding families whose envy, greed and bitterness have lasted generations.

Then there’s another death and, as the spring weather shrouds the island in claustrophobic mists, Jimmy must dig up old secrets to stop a new killer from striking again.

This is the third book in the “Shetland Quartet” featuring Detective Jimmy Perez, a “multigenerational” Shetland islander. Once again I have come to a series having missed the first two books but it didn’t detract from the book.

I purchased this book after reading about a series to be shown on BBC television. How I found out about the series was through a knitting blog I follow Kate Davies Designs. Some of the knitting patterns created by Kate Davies were featured in the series “Shetland” and I thought my interest in Shetland warranted the purchase of the book Red Bones. I was a bit slow and didn’t realise that the book I purchased wasn’t the first in the series but I will remedy the situation and buy the others now, Raven Black, White Nights, Blue Lightning.

A most enjoyable read.

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  1. I didn’t know about these Shetland books, but being a big fan of the islands I would like to read them now, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I saw one of the mysteries on television. Very evocative landscape.

    1. suth2 says:

      I hope we get the series in Australia.

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