Tuesday travels. . . .this time in Australia. . .Genoa


Because we were in Sydney last week we did the road trip from Metung to Sydney via the coast.  We usually go via Canberra as our younger daughter and son live in Canberra as does my sister.

We went to Sydney via the Princes Highway with which Frank from Serendipities of Life is well acquainted – he did a fund-raising bike ride on the Princes Highway.  After travelling this small part of his route by car I am even more in awe of the tremendous ride achieved by him in cycling from Sydney to Melbourne. He would also have had to contend with the many log trucks on the route.

log truck

On our way we stopped at Genoa for lunch.  We knew there would be no food available as Frank had told us he couldn’t even get his water bottles refilled there!  We had packed some sandwiches and coffee.

There is a very old bridge at Genoa, but not much else!

Genoa Bridge


This tells you a little bit about the district and early settlement.

info boardObviously it was a thriving village in earlier years.  This is an image of the Genoa Hotel in 1927

Genoa 1927This is the Genoa hotel today.

hotelNot a lot happening in Genoa!

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  1. Is there any link with the Genoa in Italy, do you know?

    1. suth2 says:

      Sorry for the late reply to your comment. I have been trying to find the origins of the name Genoa in Australia. I have had no luck but I imagine the name was from a migrant from Italy.

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