Pinafore dresses for Miss M

I remember when my girls were little that a pinafore dress was a quick easy way for winter dressing.  Tights, a skivvy and a pinafore.  Last winter I made some pinafores for my granddaughter and she got much use out of them.  I thought I would make some new ones for this winter, this time in a size 3, as some growing has happened in a year. 🙂

The pattern is very easy and the three pinafores were made in a day.

pinaforeCheerful pattern

Different buttons needed

Didn’t really have suitable buttons so my daughter can change these.


The fabric for this pinafore had issues – ie the black ran when it was washed even though it was washed in cold water.  You can see it if you look closely.

denimThis one looks rather plain but it is in denim, very versatile, and I was able to use the owl buttons I bought at the Makers Market some time ago.

owl buttons

13 thoughts on “Pinafore dresses for Miss M

  1. Yet again, I’m very impressed by your creative efforts. I love the materials you’ve used and those owl buttons are delightful. What a pity about the black running in that second one though, such a beautiful little dress.

  2. Cute dresses. Im going to be making some dresses for my youngest daughter soon (she’s 2).wish me luck 😉

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