Tuesday travels. . . still in Australia. . .The Grand Pacific Drive


On our return from Sydney we went home on the Princes Highway via The Grand Pacific Drive.  


The drive includes the Sea Cliff Bridge.  The scenery was spectacular and if you are ever in this neck of the woods you should certainly take yourself off the highway and do this trip along the coast.

The road starts in the Royal National Park on the southern edge of Sydney.  It is the second oldest national park in the world and has rainforest and heathland but also coastal cliffs and beaches.  The road then heads on to Stanwell Park which is well known as an ideal place for hang gliding and para gliding.


We thoroughly enjoyed the leisurely pace of this drive compared to the speed on the freeway.  It was also a change to go through the little villages that are now by-passed by the freeway.

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  1. I loved my journey down the Princes Highway and for the same reason. Getting to stop all along the way. Lovely photos.

  2. That does indeed look like a magnificent road trip.

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