Auskick. . a particularly Victorian pastime

The blur of movement in this photo was impossible to eliminate no matter how many photos I took.  The kids just didn’t stand still long enough, they were constantly on the move!Auskick

Auskick is the junior version of Australian Football where they are taught the skills required to play the game of Aussie Rules. 



The website provides loads of information to help those who are interested.  When we went to watch our grandson at his Auskick session I was amazed at the number of volunteer helpers involved in the evening session.  The enthusiasm of the kids was evident and the dedication of the helpers was to be applauded.

I also noted that there were some enterprising folk there.  A portable espresso cafe selling coffees to those parents waiting in the cold on the sideline.  Obviously someone had found a captive market. 🙂

In Victoria, children are brought up with allegiance to a team in the AFL.  My grandson’s team is Carlton. 

One thought on “Auskick. . a particularly Victorian pastime

  1. what an interesting post. I had no idea that they had something for the kids to get them acclimatized to Australian Football. I hope your grandson enjoys it.

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