A picture framed in red for the kitchen

I bought a lovely card when I was last in Melbourne as the girl in the picture reminded me of my younger sister and I thought it would make a good picture for in our kitchen.  The highlight colour of our kitchen is red.

I had some moulding which I had bought cheaply on a previous visit to Canberra and used that for the frame.  The matt board I already had from a previous framing project and the glass was cut down from a picture frame bought in an op shop for 20cents.

I guess you could say I was using up scraps! The only cost was the cost of the card plus 20 cents.

This is the end result.


Difficult to get a picture without reflection in the glass.  I had to take the picture while it was on the floor.

5 thoughts on “A picture framed in red for the kitchen

    • Thanks Kate. I have had a go at catching up on framing recently and also managed to finish Fiona’s picture that Brigitte had painted for her.

  1. Cute, I do still love to bake. I should get round to finding frames for all the interesting bits that get put away and forgotten. Good on you.x

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