Tuesday travels now in the U.K.. . .Colchester

After our short stay in Normandy we headed across the Channel to the UK.  My husband, who enjoys history, had expressed a desire to visit Colchester, Britain’s first Roman city, and so it was that we spent our first night there. What a revelation it was to me.  I am no history buff but I was amazed at the history on view in the town, from Roman times onwards.

Town HallThe ornate architecture of the town hall.

water tower

An unusual water tower.

Roman archways

A Roman gateway and wallsThe largest surviving Roman gateway in Britain, The Balkerne Gate.

Balkerne GateColchester Castle – my next travel post will be about the actual museum within the castle.

Colchester CastleColchester castle gardens

Castle gardensA very clever anti-litter sign.

piggyI was glad that my husband had suggested we stay in Colchester.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday travels now in the U.K.. . .Colchester

    • Yes. These Tuesday travels are from a trip we did last year. While we were away I did no blogging at all and decided to blog about our trip when we got home.

  1. Whenever my husband suggested a place to visit, I’d tend to wrinkle my nose and say “really?” But he was always spot on and the places were interesting and memorable. I’m glad Colchester was good!

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