A highland fling, not a dance but a romance

I have to admit that the title of this book was what motivated me to purchase it at the Metung Book Fair. For fifty cents I got a light-hearted romance and an enjoyable read.
Highland flingThe story is set in the highlands of Scotland and involves a virtual assistant and the closing down of an ailing Woollen Mill. As I said, it is a light-hearted romance and a very quick read. A bit of escapism.

“When “Virtual Assistant” Jenny Porter’s boyfriend accuses her of being impulsive, soft-heared and unbusinesslike, dashing off to Scotland to sort out a failing mill for one of her clients may not be the best way of proving him wrong. And promising to help run a mobile burger bar before she’s even found her feet doesn’t help matters. When she finds herself determined to save the mill – whatever her client’s wishes – it seems that Henry’s accusations may have contained more than a grain of truth.

So when Jenny’s awkward encounter with the abrasive but disconcertingly attractive Ross Grant develop into something more complicated – just as Henry arrives in Scotland to reclaim her – it’s time for Jenny to make some decisions. Should she do the sensible thing and follow Henry back to London? Or is her Highland adventure more than just a fling?”

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