A couple of finished projects. . . what’s the next project?


With the Giro d’Italia on television recently it means I have managed to get quite a bit of knitting done.  Bed time not being until the early hours of the morning!

I have finally finished the Pickles brioche stitch dress I was making for my granddaughter.


It doesn’t look much when it is laid out flat so I have folded it for the photo.  I am hoping it will look better on my granddaughter.

I have also finished a cardigan I was making for my son-in-law.


The wool for the cardigan is I think what you call a raw wool in that you can see bits of foreign matter in the wool.

buttonsThe cardigan is heavy and should be warm enough for Melbourne winters.

I like the seamless way the raglan sleeves join onto the main body of the cardigan.

DSCN0155Now I need to decide on my next project.

6 thoughts on “A couple of finished projects. . . what’s the next project?

  1. Your work is beautiful! Love the cardigan – Is the yarn still in the “grease”? (still have the lanolin?) I have a gansey that was made with raw wool. It’s the best for cutting the wet cold dreary weather. Of course I smell a little sheepy, but that’s ok cause I stay warm and dry 😀

    • Yes. I think that is the type of wool it is. It is certainly heavy and very warm. I don’t know the correct terms for the various types of wool but this one certainly felt like it was hand spun.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your projects- there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing the unfinished. It is lovely to receive handknits as gifts as well!

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