The French Promise. . . oh to be in Paris!


This book was given to me by my husband on Mothers’ Day.

The French Promise

It is often difficult to chose an appropriate book for someone other than yourself but this time my husband was bang on the money!  It was a great read.  Again I have come to a book which is not the first but the sequel.  The first book by this author was called The Lavender Keeper.  Here is a video that tells you about the origins of the novel and something about the author.  I haven’t read The Lavender Keeper but not having done so has taken nothing way from the delight of reading this book – The French Promise.

I have wanted to spend time in Paris, other than at the airport, for many years now but still haven’t managed to get there.  Maybe my husband giving me this book was an indication that we might get there one day! 🙂

At the end of the Second World War, Luc and Lisette Ravens have somehow survived their time as a French resistance fighter and a British spy. Haunted by the horrors they have seen, instead of going home to Provence, they cast their fate to the winds and set sail for Australia, hoping to rebuild their lives planting lavender fields in a land that’s full of promise.

But the past cannot be evaded so simply. When a Swiss law student learns a confronting truth that connects his family with the Ravens on the other side of the world, he finds himself holding the key to his own future, and to Luc’s troubled past.

Luc must return to France to fulfil the promises by which he has been bound – to his beloved Lisette, to his family, and to the one man responsible for ripping so much from his life. Luc must lay to rest the ghosts of years gone by so that they all might live and love again.

From the southern English coast to the rugged farmland of northern Tasmania and the vibrant streets of postwar Paris, The French Promise is an exhilarating story of courage, passion and peril by a phenomenal Australian storyteller.

This is a beautiful story which you really should read. It is not often that I cry when reading a book but it is a sure sign that the characters have touched me emotionally. The story is so well constructed that you feel part of the story yourself.

I loved the way the story moves from France to England to Australia and then back to France again. A book which will captivate you.

By the way I found a copy of The Lavender Keeper at the Bairnsdale Markets yesterday so I can now read the first book.

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  1. I can imagine this being an ideal read for you, taking in countries you know so well. I wonder if The Lavender Keeper will touch you in the same way.

    1. suth2 says:

      I will let you know Lorna.

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