Turning the laundry into a better place!

When we moved into our present home all the home decorating had been done in PEACH.  There was peach absolutely everywhere.  Slowly we have managed to redecorate but the bathroom and the ensuite still have to be renovated.  We are leaving that for the professionals to do.  In the meantime I have started work on the laundry.

The laundry was also peach, from the laundry sink

peach sink

to the pull down blind, which also had peach net curtains on top of that.  We took the net curtains down when we moved in but the blind stayed until we were ready to decorate.  I have taken down the blind and have started work on the painting.

All the surface preparation has been done and I have applied the primer to the laundry sink cabinet, it is laminate, so I can then paint it white.

primer on sinkIt is easy to paint as the doors are readily removed.

sink doorsI am really pleased with the way the primer has gone on to the cabinet.  I hope the top coats work as well as the primer.  I have also primed the woodwork.

The primer is Grip-Lock Primer.

grip-lock primerFor the top coats I will use High Gloss Enamel.

Super enamel

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