Canberra is more than politicians

When we used to live in Canberra it annoyed me that many people thought of Canberra only as our seat of government. There is so much more to Canberra but unfortunately most of the press Canberra receives is bad press, re the politicians.

On a recent visit to Canberra we made a trip to the NLA (National Library of Australia) to view the exhibition about the establishment of our national capital.


The library building is beautiful as are the numerous sculptures around the library.


The exhibition was excellent and it showed just how influential Marion, Walter’s wife, was in the design of the capital. She was a talented lady and worked for Frank Lloyd Wright at one stage in her career. In fact, when Lloyd Wright left everyone in the lurch and moved to Europe, Marion was responsible for finishing off his unfinished projects.  Somewhat belatedly she is being recognised with the view from the summit of Mount Ainslie to be named after her and her contribution to the design of Canberra.

Griffin Exhibition

When you visit the National Library the bookshop is just inside the main entrance so of course it was the first place we went to. Both my husband and I purchased books there and I will do a post at a later stage about the book I bought.

Tapestries inside the front door.

Tapestries inside the front door.

The shop has a wonderful array of books with a great section on books relating to Canberra. One that caught my eye but was Belco Pride by Lee Grant, a photographic essay on the Belconnen area of Canberra.  The website lets you view the photographs that are in the book.


The photographer has portrayed what it means to live in the suburbs of Canberra. Not really anything to do with politicians although there would undoubtedly be public servants in the suburbs.

I loved living in Canberra and staunchly defend it to those who unfairly criticise it.  We didn’t live in Belconnen we lived in Tuggeranong.

3 thoughts on “Canberra is more than politicians

  1. What a magnificent library! It sounds as if Canberra is the Brussels of Australia, unfairly criticised, often by people who’ve never been there. The girl in the yellow coat makes a very nice addition to your second shot.

  2. Thank you so much for this review of our exhibition on Walter and Marion! Glad you liked it and looking forward to having you visit again. We’ve got another blockbuster international exhibition coming up at the end of the year – all about historic mapping. Hope to see you there!

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