Death and the e-book

This is an interesting blog post on the passing on of e-books.

Acid Free Pulp

I recently read an article entitled, “Can you inherit an e-book?” I didn’t think much about it until two days ago. The article’s author began with the anecdote about the settlement of his recently deceased aunt’s estate. Her books were divvied up between the nieces and nephews. He goes on to write,

[W]hat we inherited, I suppose, was a particular way of seeing things, an intimate philosophy. That’s what a personal library is, I guess: an assortment of books that have survived successive purgings of the shelves over the years, leaving only the ideas and insights a reader truly treasures.

The article pondered the idea of now that we are in the digital age of the book, what will happen to specific moments like inheriting someone’s personal library. How can it possibly be meaningful to be presented with an e-reader after the reading of the will?

Like I…

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