Play the game, and they did!


I loved playing a team sport when I was younger but my days of team sport are long gone, I guess that is why I so enjoy watching others participate in a team sport.

As you know I went to watch my Melbourne Rebels play the British and Irish Lion on Tuesday. I was at the match ground early as my husband was on babysitting duty and he dropped me at the station before continuing on to my daughter’s house. There is something quite eerie about being at a football ground when there is hardly anyone there.

AAMI ParkOur seats gave us a good view of the action and we were fortunate to have many Lions supporters around us!  Before the game started we went to the concourse to have a drink and a bite to eat and chatted with a few of the Lions supporters.

Lions supporters

The photo is not of the best quality but you get the general idea.

Enter the lionsI was able to take a photo when the Lions ran onto the pitch but I was too busy cheering when the Rebels ran on. 🙂

The Lions proceeded to demolish the Rebels but the Rebels never gave up.  I was happy that they played as well as they did.  It is an occasion that each of the Rebels players will remember, being part of a team that played against the British and Irish Lions.

final scoreThe big screen at the ground shows the final result. As has been said so many times, it is not the winning but how you play the game.  I had a really enjoyable night.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter says:

    Good effort the Rebels. Liked your Parisienne blind.

    1. suth2 says:

      Thank you. I had a great time at the match as the atmosphere was terrific.

      Re the blind. I had enough material to make an ironing board cover too.

  2. I’m glad you had such a good time, despite your team not winning. I saw an item about it on the news here and hoped it hadn’t been a disappointing game for you.

    1. suth2 says:

      Thank you Lorna. Tomorrow the Wallabies play the Lions and I am hoping for a great game. I will be watching that on television.

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