How many times have you moved house?

Today my sister and brother-in-law move house. They are moving from Canberra to Lake Cathie. Lake Cathie is home to the world’s largest bowl! I don’t think that is why they moved there, 20130701-161420.jpg

I’m sure it was because it is a lovely quiet seaside village.

 Lake Cathie

I will miss them even more now that they are moving further away. At least while they were in Canberra I could see them when I went to see my son and younger daughter.

My brothers and sisters are spread out along the eastern seaboard of Australia stretching from Ewingsdale near Byron Bay in the north to Metung in the south. It is ideal if you want to make a long family trip.

I am looking forward to visiting them once they get settled in their new home.

My mother and father moved many, many times during their married life. My husband and I have moved only three times.  How many times have you moved house?

10 thoughts on “How many times have you moved house?

  1. That looks like a beautiful place (what’s the significance of the massive bowl?). I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve moved house but I would guess it’s about a dozen.

    • Not sure about the significance of the Bowl, I can only think that there must be a really good bowling club there and this is part of their publicity to attract tourists. In Australia we seem to have a penchant for “big” things. We have, amongst others, the big banana, pineapple, rocking horse, prawn, lobster, guitar.

  2. We are on our way!!
    Removalists only took 2 1/2 hours to load their van, but we had to wait till 430 to pick up the cheques. We have stopped overnight at Wahroonga and will head off early for settlement in Port at noon!

      • Hi from sunny Brisbane, Well it is sunny but still very cold. We have moved house 5 times but 3 states. Just looking at those Snow Photos….I do hope its not that cold next month when we visit Canberra in our caravan.?? I’ll be looking for a warm hotel. 🙂

        • We had beautiful weather when we were there last week. Lovely clear crisp mornings and pleasant during the day. We really only had one day where there was an unpleasantly cold wind blowing.
          Hopefully you will get good weather when you visit.

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