Ride of The Lions

Because I follow rugby associated tweets on Twitter I came across this.Ride of the LionsA group of ex British and Irish Lions plus a group of ex Wallabies are cycling from Melbourne to Sydney, carrying the Official match ball for the final test in Sydney. They are doing this to raise money for Walking With the Wounded and Redkite.

The first tweet I saw was this one.

BairnsdaleSomehow I recognised the background and when I looked closer I found that it was Bairnsdale.

Today the group are heading to Cann River. The are raising money along the way. Unlike Serendipities of Life, who had no support vehicles on his fund raising cycle, this group has the luxury of support vehicles.

support vehiclesThey have raised an impressive amount of money so far. If you wish to donate you can do so at Just Giving.

The group has completed stage two of their ride.

* They have now completed stage three. Photos from along the way:

Cabbage Tree Creek

Crossing Cann River


3 thoughts on “Ride of The Lions

  1. They’re win-win situations, these, aren’t they? The charities benefit from the money raised and the participants (and supporters) take part in a great adventure. I hope they do really well. That last picture looks beautiful, what wonderful country to cycle through.

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