Tuesday travels . . .Condat in the Auvergne

Because I am participating in the French themed month I have chosen to travel to France for Tuesday travels today.  The first time we visited France was in 2003 and we had a memorable holiday, so much so we have been back for another two holidays and intend to visit again.


I have chosen Condat as that was our base on our first holiday.

our home in the valley

We had chosen a cottage to be our base for the time we would be in France.  We chose the Auvergne as we had visions of covering a considerable amount of France in our four week stay.  France is a tiny country compared to Australia so we thought we would easily see most of the country! 🙂 How wrong we were. We barely scratched the surface but it left us itching to go back, again and again.  We had chosen the Auvergne as it was in the centre of France and we just did a bit of research on the internet and came up with this wonderful cottage on the outskirts of Condat. It was certainly a lovely introduction to France.

cottage at Condat

The cottage adjoined what at one time had been a linen merchant’s house.

Our cottage is to the left of the linen merchant's house.

Our cottage is to the left of the linen merchant’s house.

When we arrived at the cottage our hosts had thoughtfully provided an evening meal for us.  A pot of delicious pumpkin soup and a variety of local cheeses and home baked bread, not to mention the bottle of wine.

evening mealThe cottage was more than we had expected and we were thrilled, it even had a clos lit.

clos lit

The cottage was warm and comfortable with a cosy fire and very thick walls.

lounge roomWe were there during Autumn so we needed the fire at night time.

day bedWhile we were there my nephew, his wife and two children visited us from Annecy as we had two bedrooms and were able to accommodate them.  It was lovely to spend time with them as we had not seen them for a few years.

While they were with us we visited Lac Pavin which is in the crater of an extinct volcano situated between Besse and Super-Besse.  There is a beautiful walk around the lake and we enjoyed the walk with the children.

Lac PavinDuring our stay at Condat we went for many walks in the countryside. On one walk we found this toadstool and were amazed at the size.  We put our chocolate bar next to it to get some idea of scale.

toadstoolI have mentioned that we were there in Autumn but on the day before we were due to leave we experienced a bit of winter.

winter weatherStunning.

As an afterthought, while doing this post I discovered that the longère in which we stayed is up for sale along with the 18th Century Bourgeoise Country House. €310,300

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Meg Thompson says:

    What a wonderful experience, it looks beautiful and the cottage ,so cosy.

    1. suth2 says:

      It was a fantastic holiday. When I look back on it we were so naive. Swampy drove from Paris to Condat straight after our flight from Australia. What a gem he is. We know better now to spend a night in a hotel near the airport and then set off the next day.

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