Tour de France and Ashes. . .my routine is blown to bits

You have probably worked out by now that I enjoy watching sport and there has been an absolute feast of sport on the television lately.  The fact that the Tour de France and The Ashes are both held in the northern hemisphere means that the televising of the events happens very late at night here in Australia.  My bed time is now anywhere from 1.30am onwards.

I am loving the viewing but all my other pursuits have been given a back seat, hence my lack of blogging over the previous week. We have also been away from home as we were visiting relatives for a 60th birthday celebration. Now we are home again and all should be back to normal, in about another five days.

The Tour de France just gets better every year and I never tire of looking at the magnificent scenery. It is great that this year the Australian team of Orica Green Edge is putting on a good show for their followers.

This animated history and explanation has all you need to know about the Tour de France. One of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world. It is ideal for those who are new to watching the event and perhaps don’t understand the tactics involved.

The first test of The Ashes also provided wonderful viewing with a very exciting finish to the match.  The second test starts on Thursday so I will be making use of the two screens on the television, now that I know how to do that, thanks to instructions from my son.

2 thoughts on “Tour de France and Ashes. . .my routine is blown to bits

  1. It is funny that you posted that video because I found it yesterday for my 6 years old grandson who asked me how one wins the Tour de France. I wrote a post about it in July 2009 on my blog but thought it would be too hard to read for a 6 years old. I am lucky that I can watch it live here on TV in Georgia starting at 8 am (tomorrow 6 am though) and I usually knit or crochet while I am watching. It does make me feel very homesick for my country though but, at the same time, it shows me many little villages that I did not know. What do you think of Chris Froome – isn’t he good?

    • I think I am glad that I am watching the Tour at night rather than in the morning! I am not really a morning person. Like you, I also knit or crochet while the Tour is on and find that I achieve a great deal during the Tour.
      Chris Froome certainly seems to have the race won already bu,t as they say, “it is not over till the fat lady sings”. We saw yesterday that all it takes is a fall to render a competitor a DNF. I hope he doesn’t fall but I am also hoping for a very exciting competition in the next couple of days.

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