Mr Raymond, a treat in Sale, no not in Paris.


We have been to visit my sister-in-law in Central Gippsland as it was her husband’s 60th birthday and we were celebrating with them.  On our return to Metung we stopped at Sale to have a meal at Mr Raymond. We knew about the cafe as we had been to the Tinamba Hotel for a wedding reception some years ago and had kept a keen interest in what was happening there.  I found out that they were setting up a cafe in Sale as I followed Tinamba Hotel on Twitter.

On our way home I now had the opportunity to go to the cafe and I was not disappointed. You just have to look at the comments on their Facebook page to get some idea of the quality of the food produced and the service given.

We had a delicious meal and the wait staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.

I had Mr Shroom and

Mister Shroom

my husband had Mr Benjamin

Mr BenjaminThe cafe is very similar to a Parisian Cafe so I guess you could count that as part of my Paris in July.

fansThe photos were taken with a phone camera so not of the best quality. If you are in Sale at any time I suggest that you must visit Mr Raymond.

Mr Raymond

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  1. Kelly says:

    Wonderful! What a coincidence – I’m testing out that cafe on Friday! I’ve only heard good things and I too LOVE the Tinamba hotel. When you’re next in my part of Gippsland, consider trying the Toms Cap Winery in Willung South – the food is spectacularly good and the scenery is to die for.

    1. suth2 says:

      Have been to a wedding reception there too! Lucky my nieces and nephews choose good reception spots. You’re dead right about the winery. Have you tried the Wild Dog Winery? I can highly recommend that too.

      1. Kelly says:

        Funnily enough, Wild Dog hosted a wedding I attended two years ago. Another coincidence….next on my list after Mr Raymond is Jindivick Harvest Kitchen; closer to Melbourne but the local wines and cheeses are tempting me!

        1. suth2 says:

          I will need to give that one a visit. Perhaps on my way home from Melbourne.

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