Sandras Royal Christening Robe

Lovely to see this work using Shetland wool.

I made a Shetland ring shawl for my first grandchild seven years ago and wrote about it on my post Scottish Heritage.

ring shawl

J&S Blog

The Campaign for Wool (CfW) is dedicated to promoting the awareness of wool around the world. It was convened by HRH The Prince of Wales who is also its Patron. This is the first time that all the major wool growing countries have joined forces to work together with the common aim of promoting wool. The CfW has grown significantly and there is no doubt that it has been extremely influential, Shetland Wool Week was inaugurated after Martin Curtis attended a meeting at Highgrove during which HRH outlined his hopes for the CfW. Shetland Wool Week and the North Atlantic Native Sheep and Wool Conference are featured on the main activities calendar of the CfW website (alongside events taking place in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Tokyo, and several other major cities). It was therefore most appropriate that John Thorley, OBE, Chairman of the CfW, presented HRH with a…

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