The iPhone’s missing manual. . . the things I didn’t know.

Why didn’t I find this manual before now? I have discovered that my iPhone can do a myriad of things that I never knew it could do.  I’m surprised that it can’t cook dinner for me!  But it can find a recipe. 🙂The missing manualThis book was picked up at the library, again one from the “new books” shelf.  What a find!

Before commenting on the manual I should let you know that my iPhone is not the latest model, in fact it is one of the early models, an iPhone 3GS but I have kept the software up to date.

I am of the belief that as we get older we should not let ourselves be left behind by technology.  We must keep up with it or we will not be able to cope.

The iPhone is really just a pocket computer and if you look at it as such then it all becomes clear.  Unfortunately when you purchase your phone it is assumed that you have used this technology for some time and so are au fait with all the features when that may not be the case.  This manual takes you step by step through all the features on an iPhone and it does so in an entertaining way with shots of the screens accompanying the explanations.

I have discovered things that my phone does that I had no idea it could do.  I can now access things on my phone without having to dig down through several layers.

To give you some idea of the contents here is the list of chapter headings.

The guided tour, Typing, editing and searching, Phone calls and Facetime, Speech recognition and Siri, Voicemail, texting and other phone tricks, The iphone as ipod, Camera, photos and video, All about apps, The built-in apps, The Web, Email, Syncing with iTunes, iCloud, the Corporate iPhone, Settings, Signup and setup, Accessorising the iPhone, Troubleshooting and maintenance.

This was a great find and if you own an iPhone and are perhaps only using it as a phone then this manual is for you. You will discover a whole new world.

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  1. Very useful. I don’t own an iphone but I was surprised that when I got my Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy, that it came with absolutely no manual. I had to search the internet to find out how to answer calls, and was reassured to find that lots of other people had done the same thing, with one poor person reporting that they’d been unable to answer calls for 2 weeks. I agree that we need to keep up to date but, for me at least, technology moves too fast!

    1. suth2 says:

      You’re right about the speed of technology. When one has just mastered an aspect of technology they go and change it on us!😞

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