Metung finish of the Lakes Oil Tour

Saturday was the finish of Stage 7 of the Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland.  We were able to get down to the village centre for the finish of the race.
approach to the finish
We had good weather although it was quite breezy.
cafe cyclistsThere were some swanky looking bikes parked at one of the local cafes.
programWe were provided with a program for the event and it was amusing to read:
“….the scenery of the Latrobe/Gippsland regions is the equal of the Tour of France…..without the castles of course!”
I think that is stretching the imagination a bit. 🙂
list of ridersA list of riders for the various teams was included in the program.
finish bannerThe car on the right of the road, with hazard cones around it, was illegally parked.  No one admitted to being the owner and so it remained there during the race.
stage winnerThe stage winner was interviewed by the crew from SBS for their television cycling program “Cycling Central”.
Stage placegettersThe stage placegetters were presented with their bouquets.
The yellow jerseyThe overall leader was presented with his yellow jersey and we retired to the Metung Hotel to enjoy the view and have a cider.
view from the Metung Hotel
I’m no expert at taking movies but this gives you some idea of the finish.

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