The scents of Spring

jonquilsThis year we have had an abundance of spring blooms in our garden, enough to cut some and bring indoors and enjoy the scents of spring. Did you notice the little snail peeking out of the top of the flowers?

Here’s a closer look.


The jonquils have been beautiful but with the rain over the last couple of days they have been flattened somewhat so I cut some and brought them inside.

jonquilsI love having fresh flowers in the house, do you? Fresh flowers in the house remind me of my mum.


9 thoughts on “The scents of Spring

  1. I am missing my fresh flowers and have even been buying some regularly since we got here as I think a house needs them to make a home!!

  2. They are just gorgeous,we don’t have any spring bulbs but have lots of gingers and heliconias. I used to love our garden in newport for the spring flowers,especially the native freesias and jasmine, which always remind me of Nadine as she was a spring baby. I’ve been meaning to get up to Coorabell to the farm that sellls the buckets of dahlias for $10. They reminds me of Dad, and also the time I was running along the back wall, fell off into the dahlia patch,and onto the glass under which he was raising some up.Ouch!!
    Loving the weather here at the moment.

    • The weather here has not been too good lately although we had a lovely 23 degrees yesterday. Today it is really windy with the odd shower of rain. Glad to hear you are getting good weather in your neck of the woods.
      Yes, dahlias remind me of dad, pansies too. I’d forgotten you had fallen off the wall. I remember it being quite tall!

      Our freesias are up but not blooming yet.

  3. Your flowers are stunning. We have too many pine trees in our yard and too much shade. The other problem is that the ground is hard clay with a lot of rocks, so we have flowers in pots. This summer for some reason we have had storms every afternoon. This plus the humidity has kept the flowers and plants in great shape. It is raining as I am writing this. Our fig tree is covered with figs and soon I’ll be able to make fig jam.

    • Clay soil is so hard to work with, we had rocky soil at our previous property and that was just as bad.
      I am envious of you having a productive fig tree. Our tree is quite small and produces about a dozen fruit in the summer, not enough to make jam.

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