Blaeberry and elderflower cheesecake, muffins and moorland virtues

This wonderful post tells of the work involved in cutting peat as a fuel. It also tells of Scottish Blaeberries. Brought back many memories of my childhood in Scotland.

Food and Forage Hebrides

Blaeberries are currently at their seasonal best here in the Outer Hebrides and are perfectly ripe for foraging. Following my recent good fortune to stumble across a dense patch, I gathered enough for a trio of recipes: cheesecake, muffins and jam. I feature blaeberry and elderflower cheesecake and blaeberry muffins here and will reserve (or should that be preserve) the jam for a future ‘jam and scone’ post.

The busy time of summer has limited my capacity to blog over the last month and my planned output has slipped, while my draft seasonal posts grow in number. A combination of work trips away, visitors, outdoor tasks and a sudden garden glut have kept me from the computer.  I hope I can get these posts out while they are still relevant.  Meantime, apologies for the lack of interaction fellow bloggers, this exacerbated by the untimely demise of my new phone while…

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4 thoughts on “Blaeberry and elderflower cheesecake, muffins and moorland virtues

  1. Really enjoyed this post too.such wonderful memories of going with the tractor and trailer to cut and bring back the peats, not to mention my falling in the peat bog when trying to jump from side to side! I remember coming home with only johnnies jacket to cover me as I had got well and truly soaked!!

  2. magic memories, love it. thanks Heather and for the reblog some great pics fave fruit is blueberry and Raeburn stoves no doubt conjure fond memories for many , – home and heartwarmers x

    • How lovely it was to get a comment from you Geordie. I hope you are keeping well and content with life. We are still waiting for a visit from you. 😊
      It was great to read about the peat and blueberries and I thought the family would like to read it too. Fond memories.

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