Drugs in sport, particularly cycling


Tour de France 2006I seem to have been on somewhat of a Tour de France kick lately.  Since reading Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh I have now read this book by John Wilcockson. I was looking at the sports section in the library and spotted it and thought that since I had read about the Lance Armstrong saga, which was finally exposed with some thanks to Floyd Landis’ admission to drug taking, I thought I ought to read about Landis’  “doping tour”.

From the cover:

“Floyd Landis began the 2006 Tour de France as an odds-on favourite and ended the race as its winner.  But his victory was immediately cast into doubt by a positive drug test taken after his decisive ride in stage 17.  The news came as the parrying blow in the most unpredictable Tour in recent history, a race that started with the expulsions of 1997 winner Jan Ullrich and Giro d’Italia champion Ivan Basso, and saw the coveted yellow jersey change hands ten times in three weeks.”

This book gives you access to the behind the scenes happenings of the leading participants in the Tour and a stage by stage description of the actual race.  This book added to the story told in Seven Deadly Sins and now I am further convinced that it will take quite some time before people believe that all Tour de France participants are riding drug free.

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