A new twist to a key hole/circle garden – mini worm farm

What a great idea for a worm farm when you don’t want to invest in buying a commercial worm farm. I am going to give this a try.


circle garden 1

Using an empty 2 Lt bottle, cut off the bottom. Fill with worm castings and worms leaving space for some raw organic vegetable waste.

circle garden 2

Plant the bottle in the middle of a large container, leaving a small amount exposed at the top.

circle garden 3

Cover with a pot.

Plant your desired vegetables in the container. Keep on topping up the mini worm farm with raw kitchen waste.

The mini worm farm will feed your plants right down to the root level. The result happy, healthy and well fed vegetables.

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  1. Thank you for the re-blog. Let me know how ti goes 🙂 *Brigid

  2. A worm farm – wonderful! 🙂

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