There is an art to scone making.

I have never been one to boast about my scone making because I know I am no expert. I have difficulty making a decent scone and so they are not made very often.sconesYesterday, Lorna of Lorna’s Tearoom Delights blogged about having tried a different scone every day while she was on holiday. She visited a different tearoom each day. The pictures had me salivating and I thought I would give scone making another go.

The recipe I chose was one I haven’t tried before and it came from this cookbook.

cookbookThe author assures us on the recipe page that it will produce magnificent scones.

recipe My younger sister had a girl called Aggie in her class in primary school, perhaps that was a good omen for the scone making! The recipe can be enlarged if you click on the picture.

I made the scones and can attest to the tastiness of them although I expected them to be higher rather than expanding width ways. Perhaps if I had packed them close together on a smaller tray that would have happened. I will try again another time.


Luckily we just happened to have some double cream in the fridge and some home made jam!

scone bite

10 thoughts on “There is an art to scone making.

  1. We tried no sugar for a day or two, no way that was going to happen. Too much baking going on in this house. I must try those Aggie’s scones.
    Yes, Aggie gets a mention in our conversation from time to time. Didn’t her brothers do some scrumping from our place?

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