Some granny magic, or should I say grandma magic?


grandma magicThere are many words used to designate grandmother; Granny, nana, ooma, nan, nanny,gran, grandma etc but they all have the same meaning.

This delightful book tells the stories of various grandmothers of some well known Australian writers and broadcasters. It also tells their stories as grandmothers too.

Unfortunately I don’t remember either of my grandmothers but my own children were lucky enough to have both of their grandmothers until they themselves were adults.  I am sure I can say that their lives were enriched having had the benefit of both grandmothers.

The tales in this little book are uplifting and inspirational.

From the book jacket:

We meet grandmother who surreptitiously introduce their grandchildren to some of the more intricate workings of the world; others are clearly besotted and may even indulge their grand offspring shamelessly.  Some, in their dotage, plot and scheme to set situations right.  Others are alert to the risks inherent in interfering and do what they can to stay well out of the way…

We become acquainted with a number of grand women who have been largely disregarded for much if not all of their lives, even more so in their declining years.  And we get to meet strong, resolute women who have carved a place of their own in this country’s history…..

After reading this book I was reminded of all the wonderful children’s books there are now about grannies. Do you have a favourite one?

our-grannyThis one is illustrated by the same woman who illustrated Possum Magic, nothing to do with grandmothers, but another of my favourites.

Possum  Magic  by Mem Fox

GooligulchThis one is illustrated by the Australian Graeme Base, famous for Animalia amongst others and is a very Australian tale.  How things have changed.  It is now available as an app.

A book my children had when they were little was about a grandmother who did cartwheels but unfortunately I can’t remember the title of the book.

As a side note, this granny doesn’t do cartwheels.:-)

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  1. What a great idea for a book. I only knew one of my grandmothers but it certainly enhanced my life to know her, she was a lovely lady. Grandparents occupy a special niche in the lives of children, mine died nearly 30 years ago but I still feel close to them sometimes and remember them with a great deal of fondness. What you have with your grandchildren is something they’ll treasure even more when they’re older and that’s a wonderful legacy.

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