Pinnies, aprons, smocks or pinafores

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought I was going to do some sewing, well I did.

apron 1

I have made three “retro” aprons. I thoroughly enjoyed making them, I even made the bias tape to go around two of the aprons.

Apron 2 frontFront view

apron backBack view

apron 3Do you use an apron when you are cooking? I find I am constantly wiping my hands on my pinny when I am working.



15 thoughts on “Pinnies, aprons, smocks or pinafores

  1. Well I’m happy to say that I am the happy recipient of two of those lovely aprons.I need them every day. They are perfect in every way. Love them both. John thinks the Red and yellow one makes me look like a supermum!
    Thank you for your kindness my big sister.
    Btw I worked out the ruffle/ neck on the nightie. Forgot about the instructions and kinda worked it out. Maybe some things are too simple to put on paper!Thanks for your input. Hope you are enjoying time with Fiona and Tim.

    • Thanks Megsy. You are a super mum. John is quite right.
      We have had a lovely time and were able to catch up with James too.
      Glad you got the nightie sorted.

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