Tuesday travels. . . . . Arbroath

ArbroathOn our trip to Scotland last year I was determined to get to Arbroath so I could have an Arbroath Smoky.

shop signThe Arbroath Smoky has a reputation for being extremely tasty and I love kippers  so I wanted to give these a try.

restaurantWe found a little restaurant down near the harbour and noted on the menu board outside that Arbroath Smokies were on the menu.  I was able to try the smokies and I thought they were pretty good until I tasted even better kippers when we were in Caithness!

My husband had this dark brew with his meal.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday travels. . . . . Arbroath

    • My husband bought me some kippers yesterday.They were frozen in a plastic bag and you cooked them in boiling water. They were quite nice but nothing like the real thing.

  1. It’s lovely, that Dark Island beer. Nice and smooth. What a pity your Arbroath smokies weren’t the best in Scotland! Still, I’m glad you got to try them and had even nicer ones in Caithness.

    • My husband enjoyed trying the various beers that were on offer in the UK. – beers that are not available in Australia, or if they are they are exorbitantly priced.

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