Naughty Agapanthus is an invasive plant but was commended in1967!

These agapanthus are not from our garden but our agapanthus looked just like this photo.
They are a stunning flower as a mass planting and look good as a cut flower as well.  I have made use of them as a cut flower since moving to our house in Metung.
We had agapanthus along the driveway and last year I pulled out a couple so I could plant a bougainvillaea.
When I went to pull the agapanthus out I discovered an absolute mat of interwoven roots.
rootsNothing could possibly grow in close proximity to the agapanthus.  It took me quite some time to pull out the couple of plants so I could put in my bougainvillaea.
Agapanthus is considered an invasive plant here in Victoria so this year I decided I would pull out all the agapanthus that were along the drive.   It has taken me two days to do so!
Our driveway now looks like this – a bit bare.  Don’t worry, it wont take us long to fill it up with other plants.
No agapanthus
The offending agapanthus have made quite a large pile.
I will let them rot down and then use it as compost.  There were no seed heads so we should be safe.
Naughty Agapanthus was the title of a children’s book that was commended in the  Book of the Year Awards in 1967.
ecd5c97ed27742d9ff292f1c5e248465--remember-this-childrens-booksI can remember reading this book to my children when they were small.  I think it may have been a library book we had borrowed.

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  1. Whoa, that was some job! Do you know what you’re going to plant up your driveway in place of the agapanthus? That’s a lovely long sweep you have there.

    1. suth2 says:

      I thought about putting roses but I think we will go with native plants. Not sure what just yet.

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