Dieting is a subject which has been covered from top to toe.

The title of this next book was what made me pick it up!

UnknownPerhaps I should have resisted it as it was not a great piece of writing.  I persevered with it only because I wanted to find out how he lost his gut!

“He’s tried every diet: Atkins, South Beach, Pritikin… Problem is he still can’t get his pants on in the morning. And he got none of the genes of his movie star brother Mel. In his early 40s with a job he hates and a lifestyle that is killing him, Chris is having more than a mid-life crisis. He’s having a life and death crisis..

Memoirs of a Fat Bastard is a bittersweet account of how a middle-aged man on the road to destruction turned his life and health around on his own terms. It’s a telling and frequently hilarious story of the ways in which some men can lose their way, and the way back to finding meaning and happiness amid the competing pressures of being provider, family man, and all-round good Aussie bloke.”

 The bulk (pardon the pun) of the story is his telling of how fat he was and how he tried all manner of diets of reduce his girth, all to no avail. Much of the writing is telling how he lived in the shadow of his famous brother Mel. That didn’t interest me and I wonder if this book would have been published were it not for the fact that he had a famous brother.

The book doesn’t give the answer to how he lost his gut, other than to say he had a Eureka moment!

Interesting to see that he is now a NLP Master Practitioner, a Results Coach and a Certified Hypnotist. (NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I wouldn’t bother picking this book up, I am sure there are others more suitable if you are looking to lose weight.

4 thoughts on “Dieting is a subject which has been covered from top to toe.

  1. we cant help ourselves – always looking for a better way. Sorry this one wasn’t such a good help – abit like that ‘French Women dont get fat’ – at the end of that I thought the answer was – drink more champagne and live on leek soup – wasn’t going to work for me! I think your comment about the famous brother was pretty telling – I had to think if I knew said Mel! Ooops… and He’s sort of Aussie too ….

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