Gardening grows the spirit.. . the weekend recharges the batteries.

This weekend we spent most of our time in the garden.  On Saturday we spent all day weeding.  Weeding is not really a fun part of gardening but it is a necessary evil.  We do mulch most of our garden beds and that keeps down the weeds but there was a section at the very front of our front garden that required serious work.

On Sunday we then had the benefit of the more enjoyable part of gardening when you choose your plants and put them in the garden.  We decided to buy natives to replace the agapanthus that I had taken out recently.  One of the plants I wanted to buy was a Banksia coccinea

Banksia coccineabut was unable to find one at the four nurseries we visited.  We certainly didn’t come away empty handed and these are the plants we have bought and put in the front garden.

IMG_0841A bit difficult to tell what they are from that photo as the plants are so small but here are the plant labels.

banksia This banksia is a groundcover as we already have a banksia tree in the back garden.

KunzeaWe already have a kunzea but couldn’t resist this one.

bottlebrushWe also have a couple of bottlebrushes in the garden but this one is a compact form.

tea treeThe tea tree was tube stock so it will be a few years before it reaches a reasonable size.

myrtleThe myrtle was a ground cover.

The dryandra was bought to add to my cut flower shrubs.  I love having flowers in the house but it will be a couple of years before this shrub reaches the size to cut the blooms.

dryandra Another ground cover, this time a kunzea.IMG_0848We spent a bit of money but it was well worth while to add colour to the garden and to attract the birds.  Much better than the agapanthus!

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  1. Very timely for me Heather as I spent yesterday planting out a fron garden and nature strip with Aussie natives… And don’t my legs know it! 🙂

    1. suth2 says:

      I have to admit that it was the weeding that gave me muscles I didn’t know were there, they were aching at the end!
      Did you plant similar natives?

  2. You have such exotic plants in Australia, the sort we can only grow in greenhouses here. A lovely selection.

  3. Awesome post and AWSOME PLANTS!

    1. suth2 says:

      We have many Australian native plants in our garden. The garden was mainly conifers when we first moved here. Slowly we got rid of the conifers and replaced them with natives.

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