Tuesday travels. . . .Scotland’s best kept secret

When we visited Crail we ensured that we paid a visit to The Secret Bunker.

Secret bunkerMy brother and sister had told me about it as they had visited when they were last in Scotland.  It certainly is secret as there is absolutely no hint of it in the surrounding countryside, it just looks like a farmhouse but things are certainly different once you are inside.

entry wayThis is the passage leading down to the operations area.

noticeAt the end of the tunnel is the entry to the actual command centre.

entryAt another part of the underground complex were these blast doors.

blast doorsThe exhibition was well set out and you got the sense of what it would be like to work and live in this underground environment.

operations roomThere were several interesting displays and this newspaper article from 1980 really took my interest.newspaper articleApparently my dad worked in the Secret Bunker, but I didn’t know!  My dad was in the Air Force and used to go to work at “Anstruther” but as a child I had no idea that where he was working was at the Secret Bunker.  I was telling my elder sister how much I had enjoyed visiting the Secret Bunker and that was when she told me that my dad had worked there.

posters etcAs well as the informative displays there were movies as well.

Overall it was a terrific tourist attraction, sobering and thought provoking,  well worth the cost of admission.

Secret BunkerI was reminded of the the Raymond Briggs book When the Wind Blows.

When the Wind BlowsIf you have the chance to read this book, please do.  A cartoon movie was also made of the book and you can view that at Youtube.  As an extra, the music is by David Bowie, that in itself makes it worthwhile!

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  1. How amazing that your dad worked there! I think that would make your visit all the more interesting, having such a close connection with the place. It is incredible when you see what’s under there with no sign of it going on above ground.

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