Clivias and bromeliads, plants we didn’t grow in Bungendore.

We have a huge gum tree in our front garden and beneath the gum tree there are bromeliads and clivias.cliviasClivias and bromeliads are shade loving plants so it is the ideal spot for them.  Unfortunately they have not been divided in the few years that we have lived here and it has now reached the point where we really must divide the plants in order to get the best blooms.

This is the seed head of the clivia.clivia seedsThe clivia are flowering at the moment so it isn’t an ideal time to split them so I have harvested some seeds and have planted them out in seed raising mix.  It takes three years before you can expect to get flowers from the seeds.  I will need to be patient.  I will split the clivia when they have finished flowering.

The bromeliads are jam packed against the trunk of the tree and have all developed a lean which is not ideal for the plant as they need to get their water down the tube of the plant.

bromeliadsI have already taken out some of the older plants and I stuck them in other spots in the garden in order to get the pups to grow.

pupsNow that the pups are getting established I can cut off the old tubes and just leave the new ones.

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  1. I’m always tickled to see the plants you grow in the garden in Oz. We only see them in hot houses here, you’re so exotic!

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